Ryan Garcia Looks For A New Opponent As The Fight With Isaac Cruz Becomes Unlikely

It is unlikely that the WBC lightweight title fight between Isaac Cruz (23-2, 16 KOs) and Ryan Garcia (22-0-0) will go ahead as per schedule.

Garcia, who returned to action last month after taking down Emmanuel Tagoe, has been looking forward to this fight. Last week, WBC ordered that the fight will take place in the near future.

Fightnews spoke exclusively to President Eric Gomez about the situation and how things will unfold between the two superstars.

“We tried everything to make this fight possible. We also told WBC to go for an immediate pursue bid but it got denied,” Garcia said.

“Looking at the way things are going, it has become clear that Isaac’s team doesn’t want the fight to take place. I don’t know the reasons behind it. However, I will go and headline Staples Centre on July 16,” Garcia added on Twitter.

“I don’t really know what goes through his manager, Sean Gibbons’ brain. He truly has disrespected me and my team and lied to me on several occasions. I am not directing my anger at Cruz but people need to know the truth. His team has a history of lying in public and they are now doing the same tantrums again,” Garcia concluded.

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