Ryan Garcia Opens Up On His Respect For Mayweather

Ryan Garcia opened up on his respect for Floyd Mayweather

Garcia has been spotted with Mayweather on numerous occasions of late. They were first seen watching the Dallas Wings vs. Las Vegas Aces basketball game last year as they sat courtside.

That emerged in the background of Garcia’s legal troubles with Golden Boy Promotions. The boxer alleged his contract had been breached while Oscar De La Hoya urged Garcia to honor his agreement. Reports indicate that Garcia’s contract ends within a year, as Mayweather is willing to sign him. 

“I’m not looking to sign Ryan, but if he wants to sign and he’s free, I’d sign him. If I’m not mistaken, he’s under contract. Hypothetically, if Ryan Garcia gets free, will Ryan Garcia be with Mayweather Promotions or PBC? Absolutely. It’s only if he’s free. Who don’t want to work with the best,” Mayweather

Since then, the pair have been seen at a shopping mall together before going on a late-night run. Mayweather praised Garcia for being one the biggest stars in the sport alongside Canelo Alvarez and Gervonta Davis.

“I mean [there are] some heavy hitters in the game right now…in boxing it’s only three…Canelo, Ryan, and Gervonta Tank Davis,” Mayweather said 

That has increased speculation that Garcia could sign with PBC. De La Hoya responded to Garcia and Mayweather’s interactions after suggestions his fighter may move on.

“If Mayweather is still a promoter – back in the day, in my book that was a conflict of interest. Back in my day that was, ‘We might put you on notice,’ because promoters are talking to our fighters or poaching.

“But I don’t think that’s the case. I think it’s great that Ryan and Floyd are running together because he can soak up all the knowledge from Floyd. A young kid who can be among greats is always a positive for me,” De La Hoya said 

Garcia wasted no time in expressing his admiration for Mayweather. 


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