Ryan Garcia Overwhelms Javier Fortuna To Stay Undefeated

Ryan Garcia (23-0, 19 KOs) manages to secure his 19th career knockout by dominating Javier Fortuna at Crypto.com Arena on July 16. The 23-year-old won his 140-pound lightweight fight on Saturday night before getting swarmed by the fans.

The battle lasted until six rounds.

In the battle of the ages, it was the young American who started like a train. He landed the first punches with a combination of left jabs and left hooks. Garcia was firmly in the driver seat in the earlier proceedings and Fortuna couldn’t even land a punch until the midway point of the first round.

After the first round, the 33-year-old did start to make some moves by clipping Garcia with a right hand, which made the American’s head snap back. With 30 seconds remaining in the second round, the 23-year-old landed a lethal two-punch combination.

The third round was just about who wanted to remain on the front foot. Garcia tries to land a chopping left hook, but Fortuna is finding it comfortable in countering his shots, and choosing his own moves as he starts to find the openings.

The fourth round was the penultimate round in which the 23-year-old managed to secure the first knockdown of the fight, connecting his left hook to the body of Fortuna.

A combination of brilliant right hands set up the move. The Dominican boxer’s mouthpiece fell out and he took several seconds to recover. The remaining part of the round was Fortuna trying to reel off the survival mode.

The fifth round resulted in the second knockdown landed by Garcia when he scrambles the senses of his opponent with a brilliant left hook again. Fortuna dropped on the canvas as the crowd started believing that the end was around the corner.

The battle was finally over when the 23-year-old landed a two-punch combination as Fortuna spitted out his mouthpiece and the referee waved off the fight 27 seconds into the sixth round.

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