Ryan Garcia Plans To Sue NYSAC Over Mental Health Evaluation Request

Ryan Garcia wants to sue the New York State Athletic Commission after the organization wanted a mental health evaluation.

Garcia’s mental health has been subject to much debate ahead of his fight with Devin Haney on April 20. His decision to speak out on various topics has led to suggestions he is not in a good place mentally. The boxer has posted on numerous topics, including human trafficking and UFOs.

Garcia claimed Logan Paul and KSI’s PRIME drink is reportedly harming people. Ryan then hit out at Haney, threatening to bite his ears off. In addition, he admitted being ‘high as f***k’ during a Live Space interaction, as well as revealing he smokes weed and drinks. Garcia’s behavior has seen WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman respond. Sulaiman said the WBC is in talks with the New York Commission about Garcia.

“Yes, absolutely. We’re in direct talks with the New York Commission where the fight is to take place. With the postings by Ryan Garcia, of course, there has come a lot of concern in a diverse array of topics. But I have spoken to him. He’s a very nice kid. He has a full training camp going on, and I believe he will be in a position to fight but we are addressing the situation without a doubt,” Sulaiman stated

Garcia has slammed the New York State Athletic Commission for wanting a mental health assessment, as he vowed to sue them.

“I’m going to sue the NYC commission. Why are they trying to challenge me for a mental evaluation. I said, Okay, what is your premise for the mental evaluation? Well, your tweets and your posts, I said, is it not my US constitutional right to have free speech?

“So because I’m tweeting what I’m tweeting, that’s the premise for a mental evaluation. And that’s curious. So now you’re trying to mess with my constitutional rights. Now, I’m going to sue you. I’m going to sue you for court for defamation of character actually, I’m actually going to sue you now,” Garcia said


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