Ryan Garcia Pulls Out Of Talks With Haney; Wants Romero For Cinco De Mayo

Ryan Garcia has pulled out of talks with Devin Haney in favor of facing Rolando Romero.

The news comes after Oscar De La Hoya was confident that a fight would get made, with talks set to begin soon. Garcia called out Haney following The Dream’s win over Regis Prograis to become the WBC junior welterweight champion. Both fighters had their last fight on DAZN, increasing the chances of the fight happening. Now that is off the table with Garcia’s focus on Rolly. 

“I’ve notified my team I’m going a different route. My intent now is to fight Rolando Romero. I pray my team backs me on this decision. Oscar make this fight happen. THATS THE MOVE. BIGGER FIGHT, BIGGER BUSINESS,” Garcia

Those comments come after Garcia was seen in Floyd Mayweather’s company. As we have reported, they were spotted at a shopping mall and went on a late-night run. This increased suggestions Garcia could face Romero since Rolly is a PBC fighter. PBC is known for keeping their fights in-house.

If Garcia does end up beating Romero and becoming the WBA junior welterweight champion, a fight with Haney becomes bigger. A unification fight would be on offer, earning Garcia much more. That was the focus moving forward.

“After what happens to Rollies, the dev fight will be there and even bigger. Everyone critiquing now. Will end up seeing it was a better move. Plus he can go fight Richardson Hitchens. Go do your 30k PPV buys. I don’t need you dev you need me,” Garcia

Garcia wants to fight Romero on Cinco de Mayo weekend. This gives Garcia the chance to sell another big PPV. His fight with Gervonta Davis sold over 1.2 million PPVs and earned him $30 million, making it the highest gate of 2023. Since Haney’s fight with Regis Prograis allegedly did poorly on PPV, Garcia’s plan of action was clear. 

“Devin lost his shot; he thought it was Haney vs. Garcia; he should’ve known it was Garcia vs. Haney. He did 35,000 PPV buys [against Regis Prograis]. He’s going to take that and go fight Richardson Hitchins. Devin Haney vs. Richardson Hitchins. I’m helping him out for his next move. Rolly Polly, he just rolls into things. I destroy that man. I see his eyes closed. I believe this fight is in May, May 5th,” Garcia said

Romero backed up those comments by hinting that a spring date was likely. The following image on Romero’s Instagram shows him and Garcia facing off with the comments: “#Spring2024.”


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