Ryan Garcia ‘Retires’ Ahead Of Failed VADA Test Decision

Ryan Garcia has said he is retiring just as the New York State Athletic Commission is expected to confirm its decision regarding his failed VADA tests, hinting that a ban could follow.

Garcia tested positive for Ostarine after the Devin Haney win. The B sample was also positive, but Garcia denies intentional usage. His hair follicle sample came back negative. His supplements were also positive for Ostarine. However, the supplements were unsealed, making it impossible to say there was contamination. Haney’s attorney has filed a motion to ask The New York State Athletic Commission to disqualify Garcia. With the decision expected this week, Garcia has now announced his retirement.

Garcia’s comments hint at a ban. Amir Khan received a two-year ban after he failed for Ostarine. Khan had much less than Garcia in his system, but strict liability means he is responsible. Bill Haney is also putting pressure on the authorities to take action.

He has said his son will not fight until Devin’s undefeated record is put back. Bill also posted a video clip, expecting Garcia to receive a suspension in 48 hours. Devin has also said he will not fight for another two years when Garcia is back, suggesting Ryan could get a two-year ban. Garcia’s boxing career is now at a crossroads.


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