Ryan Garcia Slams Devin Haney’s Security For Allegedly Assaulting His Friend

Ryan Garcia has hit out at Devin Haney after reports Haney’s security beat up his friend.

The two boxers face off on April 20 as Haney defends his WBC Junior Welterweight Belt. A win for Garcia secures him his first world title, while a victory for Haney makes him a huge PPV star. The build-up has been very personal, with question marks over Garcia’s mental health.

He attacked Haney’s sponsorship with PRIME, alleging the energy drink harms people. The boxer also threatened to bite Haney’s ears off, referencing Mike Tyson’s actions against Evander Holyfield. Now, things have escalated further after Haney’s security allegedly beat up Garcia’s friend Devon Lee.

The following video shows the aftermath of an argument or scuffle, after which Lee can be seen with blood on his face and nose. Lee was reportedly taken to hospital, and now he has addressed the situation.

“So they caught me, like right after I was done training because I [had] just finished my workout, so I was exhausted. The good thing is my God is real. So once you get on one of their servants, you are dealing with Jesus now,” Lee said

Garcia responded by blaming Haney for the incident.

“Devin Haney got one of my friends beat bad, he’s in the hospital right now. That’s not okay,” Garcia stated

Haney has since then replied. The boxer retweeted Jamel Herring’s posts, who appeared to be there, with suggestions that Lee may have escalated the situation.


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