Ryan Garcia Tells Fans The Haney Fight Is On Despite Social Media Meltdown

Ryan Garcia has claimed his fight with Devin Haney will go ahead as worries grow over the boxer’s mental health.

Garcia’s behavior first raised concerns after he admitted being ‘high as f**k’ during a Live Space interaction with his fans in the run-up to his fight with Haney on April 20. The boxer addressed the comments, stating he only drank and smoked weed, as Haney accused Ryan of being ‘drunk as a skunk.’ Garcia’s ex-wife, Drea Celina, also raised her concerns, telling fans to pray for him. Now, Garcia has fuelled those worries after claiming he is not fully in control of his personal affairs.

 “Hey guys, it’s me, Ryan. Coming on here to explain what’s going on. I’m not in possession of my phone, I can’t get access to my Instagram, my cards are locked and I’m just being really taken advantage [of]. I would personally just want to send out a video to the people that love me and my fans, my family that’s concerned that I’m okay. I’m not dead, I believe in Jesus, all those [rumours] are lies. They’ve tried to put me in jail, they’re blocking my cards, I can’t access my money. Nobody is hitting me back, I don’t know what’s going on but just know I’m okay,” Garcia stated

Garcia has reassured fans he will be ready for the fight in a now-deleted tweet.

“Believe it or not the fight is still on see you in Brooklyn! 4-20 Barclays tickets on sale,” Garcia said

Former UFC Middleweight Champion Sean Strickland was far from sympathetic towards Garcia. As the two exchanged some heated words, he called out the boxer’s social media behavior.

“God I hate famous people. Bro you are f***ing RICH…. They’re kids in salt mines, kids dying of cancer begging for one more day on this earth and you’re having a mental break down on social media.. You f***ing pussy.

“You get what you want?? Did enough people tell you they love you??? Do you feel better??? You get enough attention lmao!!! Next time just be a man and pull the mother f***er don’t press post haha f***ing woman,” Strickland said

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