Ryan Garcia Vs. Gervonta Davis Is Officially Set For April 22nd

Contracts Signed, Date Set, Broadcast Rights Agreed Upon

One of Boxing’s biggest possible matchups is now a done deal. Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis announced via social media that they will be meeting on April 22nd inside the squared circle, for a 136-pound non-title bout.

Last week, both Garcia and Davis put pen to paper, signing the fight contracts and ensuring they did everything possible on their end to make this happen. Past this, it was up to the networks and promotors to handle the finalization, which they did this past Friday.

It was announced that this will be a 12-round match produced by SHOWTIME Boxing, but also available for purchase on DAZN. These type of cross promotion, and cross network, fights always present challenges during the negotiation process. Luckily, terms were agreed upon, and now we have a fight set for April 22nd.

Even though this was surely a group effort from all sides, it seems Oscar De La Hoya has decided to take the credit for getting this fight made.

Another tribulation surrounding the possibility of this fight happening is that Davis pled guilty earlier in the month to four charges related to his hit-and-run incident back in 2020. He will be sentenced in May and will possibly being facing time behind bars. Luckily, this fight will occur well before the sentencing.

The hype surrounding this fight began over two years ago when Garcia appeared on Mike Tyson’s “Hotboxin” podcast, where the two fighters had a heated discussion over FaceTime and agreed to fight. It has been a long time coming, and finally the fans will get what they want.

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