Ryan Garcia’s Ostarine Levels 60 Times Over The Limit

Victor Conte has confirmed Ryan Garcia’s Ostarine levels exceeded 60 times over the limit. 

Garcia failed two VADA tests for Ostarine following urine samples taken on April 19/20 for the Devin Haney fight. Garcia denies any intentional usage. He has requested that the B sample be tested. Further testing has already ruled out 19-norandrosterone in his system. Should the B sample be positive, Garcia’s team will try to prove contamination. Ryan’s attorney said the levels were in the ‘billionth of a gram range.’

“We are dealing only with a known supplement contaminant in the billionth of a gram range that provided Ryan Garcia with no performance-enhancing benefit whatsoever on fight night. We now wait for B-sample testing on the presence of low-level Ostarine only on May 22. He was negative 17 days before,” Garcia’s attorney Darin Chavez said 

While the statement is true, Conte expanded on it further. 

Garcia faces a possible ban, fine, and the result becoming a no-contest. However, he is still chasing an Errol Spence Jr. fight. Garcia’s team has instructions to make an offer. But until Garcia’s test is cleared up, fans must wait longer. 


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