Ryan Garcia’s Social Media Deactivated After Middle East Peace Plea

Ryan Garcia’s social media accounts were deactivated shortly after he called for peace in the Middle East.

Garcia’s social media activity has raised concerns over his mental health, with doubts about whether he will turn up on fight night against Devin Haney on April 20. Garcia has the chance to secure Haney’s WBC Junior Welterweight Belt, but his online posts have dominated the headlines.

He has spoken on various issues that are political. Garcia vowed to go to Congress to present evidence of trafficking while also declaring his desire to run for US President. His latest post touched upon the Middle East, as the boxer broke down in tears, calling for peace.

“Is this what you want from me to stop the killing. Wtf is wrong with y’all. You got what you wanted FREE PALESTINE. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Posted by me,” Garcia said

It has not been established if Garcia deactivated his accounts, or if they were removed for his political opinions. But once again, it plays into the narrative that Garcia’s mental health is not in the best place.


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