Sage Northcutt-ing Class? UFC Newbie Considers Fighting Full Time

Lightweight Sage Northcutt took the MMA world by storm after beating Frank Trevino by first round KO at UFC 192 in Houston. Northcutt went on UFC Tonight and spoke to Kenny Florian about his experience and plans for the future:

"As of now, I’m still a freshman, because I’m 19. But last semester, I was taking full-time classes and the workload is so much that you really don’t get time to train. So I got to work out a little bit, work out, like, biceps and do some cardio, but not much time to train MMA."

"So in the future, with more fights to come, I might actually take time off from school and take a break and train full-time. That might be a little scary for some people, because I think I’ll be a totally different animal out there training full-time."

Northcutt has an impressive history in competing in Martial Arts, which you can read more about right here.  Northcutt began training martial arts at the age of 4 and competed all over the world from a young age. At age 9 he became the youngest person ever to feature on Sports Karate Magazine. Northcutt was on the varsity wrestling team at Katy High School, with a record of 16-10 during his senior year competing in the 170 lb division.

[Bloody Elbow]

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