Sam Alvey Sets New Record, And Suffers Broken Jaw

Not only did Alvey (33-18-1 MMA, 10-13-1 UFC) just break the record for longest winless streak in UFC history Saturday, his quick TKO defeat to Michal Oleksiejczuk (17-5 MMA, 5-3 UFC) also resulted in a broken jaw.

He had some emotional video talk on TikTok talking to his audience.

“I spent a lot of time last night thinking about this and I’ve finally accepted it myself,” Alvey said. “I hope y’all forgive me but I am not the greatest fighter to have ever lived. To tell you, it hurts saying out loud. Oh, goodness. I was convinced I could beat anybody at anytime. I guess not. I would still say there’s not a person on the planet that likes doing this sport more than me. Although at this current moment, I have a broken jaw from the first damn punch he hit me with. Son of a b*tch. I’m likely getting my mouth wired shut. I’ve got to tell you, I wouldn’t have picked a different career if I had the opportunity years ago.”

This is not the first time Alvey has broken his jaw. He was struck in the face with a kick from Sean Strickland in 2015 as he prepared to fight Daniel Sarafian at UFC Fight Night 82. His jaw was broken by the hit, necessitating six weeks of wire. Alvey informed MMA Junkie that he lost around 30 pounds during that period due to having to follow a liquid diet.

Alvey’s final match under his contract with the UFC occurred on Saturday. Before the bout, Alvey told ESPN that a defeat would net him $96,000 in show money and Venum compensation. He also declared he would battle regardless of the result; however, Alvey hasn’t clarified if that still holds after he sustained his present injury.

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