Sanchez Blasts Canelo As “The Donkey Who Ate The Beef

Abel Sanchez and the Reynoso family may end up being a fight on the undercard for the rematch of Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez, as both sides continue to bash each other in the press.

Sanchez has been supremely critical of Alvarez and Chepo and Eddy Reynoso, ever since Alvarez tested positive twice for clenbuterol in February, cancelling their initial May 5th rematch.

Both Reynosos have shot down Sanchez’s comments and said that Sanchez is searching for attention.

“That man talks, talks and talks but that’s what he likes to do and we have to let him talk. In my town, they say that donkeys speak so that everyone knows they exist, because if they didn’t speak then nobody would know, so here we are. Abel talks so everyone knows he’s there,” Chepo told ESPN Deportes.

“The people that are provoking you, it’s like with donkeys, you turn a deaf ear to them. There is a working plan in place and a strategy and we have to move forward. Abel speaks but he is not going to fight , the one who is going to fight is going to be Golovkin. There are not that many words spoken in the ring, you just have to be in the tower and whoever has the better condition, better strategy and better mentality and concentration, will win the bout.”

Sanchez came back at those comments from the Reynoso family, claiming that if it truly was bad beef that caused the test, its their fault.

“Let me tell you this, for the last 15 to 20 years, people in Mexico know about the chemical that they put in the beef that causes the positive tests. For the last 20 years this has been happening in Mexico. The Mexico soccer team tested positive, a few fighters got caught,” Sanchez told

“His trainers are butchers by trade. You have live under a rock to not know about this problem in Mexico, so I’m not the donkey who ate the beef and I’m not the donkey who allowed him to eat the beef.”

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