Sanchez: Canelo Used Hand Wraps Like A Cast

Always outspoken, Abel Sanchez has continued to rag on Canelo Alvarez, this time its in regards to the Mexican superstar’s hand wraps.

Sanchez, who is the trainer of Gennady Golovkin, claims that Alvarez’ hand wraps were like a cast for his September 2017 fight with Golovkin. It incensed Sanchez to the point that he got into a heated argument with a Nevada State Athletic Commission inspector while Alvarez was having his hands wrapped.

Sanchez believe no other commission in the United States would someone to wrap his hands the way Alvarez had his done before their first fight.

“That is completely illegal in any part of the world, except in Vegas,” Sanchez told a group of reporters after Golovkin’s second-round knockout of Vanes Martirosyan on Saturday night at StubHub Center.

“Believe it or not, when we were there on the 18th of April for [Alvarez’s] hearing, they are rewriting the rules to allow that – only in Nevada.”

While legal, Sanchez feels its an unfair advantage for Alvarez.

“They’re building a cast,” Sanchez said.

“They’re building a cast on his hand. OK, what they did is in order to get away from the tape on the hand, they put wrap and tape, wrap and tape. It’s like when you get a cast, what do they do? They put layers and layers and layers. … And don’t quote me, but you can call the California commission and they’ll tell you that it’s completely illegal and they’re ignorant there [in Nevada].”

Original Story: Boxing Scene


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