Sanchez: Minimal Changes For GGG To Beat Canelo

As Abel Sanchez and Gennady Golovkin prepare for the highly anticipated rematch between GGG and Canelo Alvarez, the trainer claims there won’t be many adjustments from their initial 2017 showdown.

“We prepare ourselves and we prepare Gennady to be the best Gennady can be,” Sanchez told World Boxing News. “We won the first fight. A lot of people know we won the last fight. He knows he won the last fight.”

“Some adjustments obviously will be made in camp but Gennady fights in a style that is not only fan-pleasing but a style that he has mastered with a 23-knockout streak, in, what, 20 defenses, making it the 21st on the 15th. I think that’s the best in history. He’s tied Hopkins’ record. He’s got a knockout ratio, the best in middleweight history.

“I think the changes are going to be minimal. But I think it’s all going to depend if Canelo brings his courage.”

Initial Report: World Boxing News

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