Sanchez Was Given “Take It Or Leave It” Offer By GGG

Still reeling from the “insulting” offer made to him by former pupil Gennady Golovkin, Abel Sanchez has come out swinging against GGG.

“Big money makes greedy people,” said Sanchez to the Los Angeles Times in the hours of his dismissal by the former unified middleweight champion. “It’s all about money. I was given a take-it-or-leave-it offer to take one-fifth of what I was earning before. “I did my part, did my job.”

Sanchez met with Golovkin and his new lawyer on March 19th and the hall of fame trainer was informed that Golovkin was restructuring his organization and if Sanchez were to stay on he’d be paid a fixed amount of money instead of a traditional percentage of GGG’s purse.

“Unfortunately, it seems that things do not change in this business – greedy and ungrateful people and no honor,” Sanchez said to Robert Morales. “He signs a $100 million contract and insults me with a number that my dignity and pride just won’t allow me to just take it or leave it on a crazy new number for a trainer pay-wise.”

Following the initial offer with no explanation given, Sanchez passed along a counter offer, but would get no response from the man he trained for nearly a decade.

“Give me something so I can sleep at night,” Sanchez said. “The lack of communication was incredible.”

“I thanked him, said OK, followed my guys on their 55-minute run, and he was gone,” Sanchez said of when Golovkin and his brother informed him of his dismissal on Tuesday.

“I knew this was inevitable weeks ago. But I think it’s unfortunate after he signed a $100 million contract … it’s disheartening and heartbreaking about the honor of man. I never try to sugar-coat anything, and I always expect the same of everyone.”

Quotes Via Los Angeles Times/Los Angeles Daily News

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