Savannah Marshall Beats Franchon Crews-Dezurn To Claim Undisputed Title

Savannah Marshall became the undisputed super-middleweight champion with a majority-decision win over Franchon Crews-Dezurn.

Marshall was the more skilful fighter, who landed the cleaner punches, as a resolute Crews-Dezurn continued to come forward in a high-octane bout. 

Marshall got the American’s attention early with a right hand to pop Crews-Dezurn’s head back, but the latter responded with a sharp left that landed.

Marshall played a fine line between keeping it long with her jab, as well as entertaining the exchanges when Crews-Dezurn came into range. 

The Brit landed a right hand over the top, as Crews-Dezurn resorted to clinching and tying up the former WBO middleweight champion on the inside.

The same tactic continued, as the American attempted to lean and wear Marshall down as both felt the pace. Marshall’s sharp jab kept Crews-Dezurn at bay until the fourth round. 

Marshall fell on the canvas from Crews-Dezurn’s pressure, while the latter also ran into the ropes at the same time. 

As the bout reached the halfway point, Marshall stepped on the gas and began to assert her dominance.

Two successive right hands got the crowd on their feet, as Marshall began to pick Crews-Dezurn apart. 

The sixth round was more even with both fighters exchanging left-hands up close. But as the fight entered into the championship rounds, Marshall’s power and accuracy proved crucial.

A right hook shook Crews-Dezurn’s face, the blood was visible, as the American ran out of ideas.

The scorecards, however, reflected a much closer fight as Marshall won by majority decision: 95-95, 99-92 and 97-93.

Victory for Marshall keeps her hopes alive of a rematch with Claressa Shields, who happened to be in attendance.


“Sweet dreams. I can’t describe how I’m feeling at the minute. I think I broke my hand on her head, a tough, tough woman. Some of the rounds were close, but I felt like I landed the cleaner work.

“If she (Shields) wants it (the rematch), let’s do it. I’m sure she’ll want to try and unify another division,” Marshall


“If Savannah comes to the USA, I will fight her at whatever weight she wants to fight at. She is going to get beat up in America, that’s what is going to happen.

“[I saw] a lot of weaknesses and she didn’t learn from her last night. I agreed with the first judge who had it 95-95. The fight was close. I expected a better performance from both girls,” Shields

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