Savannah Marshall Stops Mirela Vargas In Her PFL Debut; Wants Shields Next

Savannah Marshall stopped Mirela Vargas via a first-round TKO during her PFL debut. 

Marshall made her debut in her home town of Newcastle, headlining the PFL Europe 2 card. Claressa Shields was watching as Marshall’s pre-fight comments revealed that she wanted a rematch with Claressa. Marshall lost to Shields in their middleweight boxing clash. However, Marshall became undisputed at 168 before signing with the PFL. 

Marshall had to overcome some takedowns early on. Vargas continued to target her legs before taking her to the ground. However, Marshall showed strong resolve, holding her opponent off before getting up. A large part of that was due to her training with Tom Aspinall, the UFC Interim Heavyweight Champion, who happened to be in Marshall’s corner.

Once Marshall was in range, she did serious damage with numerous combinations. After recovering from another takedown sequence, Marshall backed up Vargas on the ropes. She continued to punch her opponent, who had no answer as the referee waived the fight off. It was a successful start for Marshall’s MMA career as she called out Shields. Shields spoke with Marshall, saying she was ready to fight. However, Shields was not impressed with what she had seen. 

“I’ve only been doing this for nine months. I’ve absolutely loved it, but yeah, these MMA fighters – you’ve got to be a little bit crazy to do this. Where’s me pal, Claressa? See that? That’s how you get up off the floor, babe. Are we getting it on in the cage or what? Let’s do it. Full MMA rules. Let’s go,” Marshall 

“[She] looked worse than me in my first MMA fight, you looked way worse. [I’ll fight her]. Why not?,” Shields


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