Savannah Marshall Vs. Franchon Crews-Dezurn Preliminary And Undercard Live Results, Recaps: Ben Whittaker Stops Vladimir Belujsky, Natasha Jonas Becomes A Two-Weight World Champion

Savannah Marshall faces Franchon Crews-Dezurn for the undisputed super-middleweight championship live from the AO Arena, Manchester. 

Marshall is looking to bounce back from her defeat to Claressa Shields where she lost her WBO middleweight title.

In doing so, Marshall missed out on the chance to become undisputed. This time around she has a chance to rectify the loss, but in her way is Crews-Dezurn.

The latter is also targeting a rematch with Shields, having lost to her in her first professional fight. You can see the main card from 2 p.m. ET, live on FIGHTSPORTS. 

Follow the Live Results, Recaps, and Highlights below, provided by FIGHT SPORTS

Live Results: Main Card 2 p.m. ET

Co-Main Event: Ben Whittaker vs. Vladimir Belujsky – light heavyweight 

From the opening bell, Whittaker delivered a sharp jab, displaying his skill and impressive hand speed.

Whittaker landed body shots, causing Belujsky to stumble towards the ropes. Lowering his guard, Whittaker evaded Belujsky’s punches and confidently acknowledged the cheering crowd.

Whittaker was in full control, as he unleashed powerful uppercuts that jolted his opponent back in the next round.

Belujsky felt the impact of Whittaker’s punishing body shots, causing his ribs to rattle, as he attempted to protect himself by raising his guard. For the time being, Belujsky managed to hold his ground.

The third round was the first sign of action with a knockdown. Whittaker approached with a powerful combination, unleashing a barrage of punches.

Belujsky buckled, collapsing onto the canvas. Whittaker detected an opportunity to finish the fight and threw a powerful right hand. Remarkably, Belujsky absorbed the blow and finished the round. 

Whittaker started the next with a powerful check-left hook that threw Belujsky off balance. Belujsky attempted a strong overhand right, but unfortunately missed the target.

As the round came to a close, Whittaker asserted his dominance by pressuring his opponent with numerous body shots.

Despite losing the rounds, Belujsky started to gain some confidence. He managed to clip Whittaker’s chin with an overhand right, but the British fighter remained composed.

In the closing moments of the round, Whittaker landed a superb left hook that momentarily rocked Belujsky in another comfortable round.

Whittaker persistently attempted to break through his opponent’s defense with punishing body shots. And it paid off in the last round. 

Whittaker was landing precise shots to both the head and body. A powerful right hand landed, causing Belujsky to wobble and struggle to regain his composure.

Despite his efforts to hold on, Whittaker seized the moment and aggressively moved in for the finish. The referee intervened and waved off the fight, declaring Whittaker as the victor by an eight-round TKO

Official Result: Ben Whittaker def. Vladimir Belujsky via an eight-round TKO

Natasha Jonas vs. Kandi Wyatt – welterweight 

In the opening moments, Jonas landed a powerful left hand that troubled Wyatt. She continued to attack aggressively, looking for an early knockout. Wyatt was visibly hurt, stumbling around the ring, but managed to survive.

The second round was much the same. Wyatt was unable to defend herself against Jonas’ relentless jabs that kept finding their mark.

The damage was evident as blood dripped from Wyatt’s nose, a clear indication of the early barrage she endured. A powerful lead hook landed on Wyatt, as she suffered more punishment in the early rounds.

Jonas’ left hand continually found its mark, as Wyatt’s head kept jerking back. Jonas’ agile movements were impressive, effortlessly dodging any incoming punches. 

In the fourth, Wyatt showed more aggression but struggled to land cleanly on Jonas. Despite a quieter round, Jonas remained in control, using her lateral movement to frustrate Wyatt.

At the halfway point, Jonas entered the round with heightened intensity, unleashing a powerful combination that broke through Wyatt’s defense.

The force of a straight left unsettled Wyatt, who valiantly attempted to push forward, as blood poured from her face. 

In the beginning of the sixth, Jonas landed some powerful left punches, causing Wyatt to be hurt once again. The referee, Marcus McDonnell, was closely observing Wyatt, considering the possibility of stopping the fight.

And the inevitable finally came. Jonas relentlessly delivered punishing punches to Wyatt from all directions, as the referee stopped the fight in the eight round.

Official Result: Natasha Jonas def. Kandi Wyatt via an eight-round TKO


Mark Jeffers def. Zak Chelli via a unanimous decision: 97-94, 97-93 and 97-94


Callum Simpson def. Boris Crighton via a unanimous decision: 99-92, 97-93 and 99-91

Live Results: Early Prelims 1 p.m. ET

April Hunter def. Kirstie Bavington via a decision: 76-75

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