Scott Coker Aims To Hold Bellator Events On CBS & Showtime

Bellator President Scott Coker is hoping to bring MMA back to CBS and Showtime.

CBS and Showtime are under the Viacom umbrella. Viacom owns Bellator so many assume that the return of MMA on the major networks is inevitable. The promotion appears to be at least one step closer after transitioning from the Paramount Network to the CBS Sports Network.

During an interview with, Coker answered the question of whether or not Bellator MMA on CBS and Showtime is a possibility.

“Listen you know what, that would all be music to my ears. We’re talking to the networks every day. We’ll hit them back up at the beginning of the year. This is a very big company and now that it’s back merged together, it’s my job to go back there and keep trying to gain more real estate. That’s probably the best word. Keep growing this brand.

“Eventually getting on CBS is definitely a goal of ours and having events on Showtime would be amazing. That’s definitely a goal of ours. Everything is up in the air right now but I think we’ll have some clarity in the next probably two weeks to four weeks we’ll probably have some clarity on exactly what direction we’re going to head.”

Coker has had experience holding MMA events on CBS and Showtime. The current Bellator boss pulled this off while he was running the show at Strikeforce. Time will tell if lightning strikes twice but for now, fight fans will need to be subscribed to the CBS Sports Network for their Bellator fix.

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