Sean O’Malley Blasts MMA Managers For ‘Stealing’ Money From Fighters

Sean O’Malley has spoken out against MMA managers on the grounds that they are taking advantage of fighters. 

Those comments arrived in the run-up to the star’s big fight against Aljamain Sterling for the bantamweight belt at UFC 292 on August 20th, 2023.

Although that may be the case, O’Malley took the time to use his platform in a way to help the next generation of fighters to not get taken advantage of.

And in doing so, he admitted that he had something big coming out to address this problem without revealing too much. 

“I’m waiting to release it the right way. It will be – I think it’ll be a big deal, it’ll be massive, and it will hurt someone’s business and rightfully so.

“So I’m gonna put it out there the right way – I gotta talk to my legal team and make sure we’re doing everything right. But yeah, MMA managers are so bad.

“It’s horrible, it’s embarrassing; they’re stealing money from fighters; they’re taking percentages of these guys’ bonuses. That really p***es me off, to be honest,” O’Malley

The UFC is facing a huge issue with regards to this. The organization has been accused of breaking the Sherman Antitrust Act.

In 2014, a lawsuit was filed by former fighters who claimed the UFC had destroyed competition to control how much money a fighter could get.

And given that the courts will hear the case, the UFC may have something to answer for. 

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