Sean O’Malley Contemplates The Potential For A Women’s UFC

In a recent episode of the popular ‘TimboSugarShow’ podcast, Sean O’Malley sparked a thought-provoking conversation about women’s mixed martial arts.

As the discussion unfolded, O’Malley pondered the hypothetical creation of a separate organization called the “WUFC” (Women’s UFC).

During the podcast, O’Malley engaged in a conversation with his instructor Tim Welch and two friends, when an old tweet by Islam Makhachev was brought up.

The since-deleted tweet stated, “this is not a woman’s sport,” which sparked O’Malley to respond.

“What if there was a ‘WUFC’? What if they had their own program? Would it last? Would they be able to sell pay-per-views, would they be able to sell out arenas? I’m just asking.

“What if it was the ‘WUFC’? It’s still the UFC, it’s still Dana, it’s still the UFC pushing these fights and promoting them – would it last,” O’Malley

It is worth noting that the UFC did not promote any women’s fights during the first two decades of its existence.

However, a pivotal moment arrived at UFC 157 in 2013 when Ronda Rousey defended her UFC bantamweight championship against Liz Carmouche. This groundbreaking event marked the UFC’s first-ever female-only bout.

Since then, the UFC has wholeheartedly embraced women’s MMA, with women now comprising approximately 20% of the current roster and participating in 16% of the fights in 2022. 

With that being said, O’Malley added: “We’re not saying they’re bad. We’re talking from a pure entertainment point of view. Look at the WNBA, look at the NBA.

“There are a few women’s fights that are very entertaining. There is a few… WNBA – WUFC, I’d like it. I think it’d be interesting…

“We’re not talking skill; they’re very, very skilled. I’m talking from a pure entertainment perspective. Like, ‘I can’t f****** wait for this fight.”

While the notion of a separate women’s division within the UFC remains unlikely, as the sport continues to evolve, anything is possible. 

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