Sean Strickland Drops A Navy SEAL In Sparring

Sean Strickland took on a Navy SEAL in sparring, dropping him in a one-sided session. 

The former UFC Middleweight Champion has called out Navy SEALs before for sparring, even mentioning David Goggins by name. This was after claiming that Navy SEALs would not be able to handle MMA training. Goggins reacted by requesting a street fight, which never materialized. 

“I don’t think there’s a single f**king Navy Seal that could train with me for a week. I’m kinda tired of seeing that. Y’all think y’all bad, come train with me for a week, I’ll show you what’s up, I’ll f**king break you,” Strickland

However, Strickland showed off his latest sparring session against former Navy SEAL Mitch Aguiar. The following video clip shows Strickland pummelling Mitch, who then took a seat on the floor. Mitch is an MMA fighter, with a 2-1 record. While the sparring is an upgrade from the previous influencers such as Sneako and Adin Ross, Strickland has once again divided fans with his actions. 


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