Sean Strickland Repairs His UFC Belt With Duct Tape After ‘Breaking’ It

Sean Strickland’s new UFC middleweight belt has already suffered some damage.

The champion acquired the belt following his unanimous-decision win over Israel Adesanya at UFC 293. The victory was one of the biggest upsets in recent memory as the American put on a sublime performance as he dropped the former champion in the first round. Following the victory, Strickland had already put the feat to one side as he was focusing on what would happen thereafter.

“I’m pretty much over it now, you guys. It was exciting for like a minute, but it’s not just onto the next… A lot of this is bullshit. I like to f*****g fight, I like the fans, I love my job, but a lot of this is f*****g bullshit,” Strickland

And that was summed up most through the following video, where Strickland mentions breaking his UFC belt. In the video here, Strickland can be seen putting some tape on his belt after claiming it had been broken. He can be heard saying the following.

“Guys, I already broke my belt, but I have a solution. But I have a solution. Good as new,” Strickland

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