Security Guard Will Watch Scales Following Charles Oliveira Weigh-In Drama

The incident at UFC 274’s weigh-in on Friday has prompted President Dana White to implement a new measure.

Charles Oliveira was the UFC lightweight champion and was set to defend his title for the second time on Saturday, but that all changed after the Brazilian missed weight after two attempts. He was over the 155-pound limit by a half-pound.

He was stripped of his title. Challenger Justin Gaethje had the opportunity to win the vacant title, but Oliveira submitted him in the first round.

The night before the official weigh-in, Oliveira said he swore he made the weight. White said that non-U.S. fighters might have altered the promotion’s scale, resulting in incorrect readings.

“We have this issue where guys come out and they’ll start checking the scale the night before and all the Europeans and guys from other parts of the world do kilos, so they all start f— with the scale to look at kilos and, who knows… ,” White said at the post-fight interview.

“There’s so many moving parts to this beast of a machine that we run every week, and we’ve got to have a security guard in there where the scale is now. It’s something we’re going to have to do.”

Kilos is used in most parts of the world, expect the United States.

Oliveira cited several other fighters who said there’s a half-pound to two pounds difference between the promotion scale and the official one.

“any scales used for any purpose other than official weigh-ins (such as those that may be used for fighters to unofficially test their weight) are not calibrated or inspected by commission staff as they are typically provided by the promoter,” The Arizona State Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Commission said in a statement.

The event was held in Phoenix, Arizona.

But since Oliveira won the main event, White assured that the fighter has earned the No. 1 contender spot to reclaim the belt.

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