Senator And Ex-MMA Fighter Challenges Witness To A Fight During A Hearing

Republican Senator and former MMA fighter Markwayne Mullin called out Sean O’Brien, the President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, to an MMA fight during a congressional hearing.

Mullin’s MMA background consists of three fights, all of which were wins. Thereafter, Mullin retired from the sport as he turned his attention to politics. The former won the Oklahoma seat from Senator Jim Inhofe, making quite an impression in the aftermath.

With that being said, Mullin and O’Brien are not on the best of terms ever since the latter criticized his business background by referring to him as a ‘clown, greedy CEO, and a fraud.’ And since then, the relations have been at an all-time low. According to reports, Bernie Sanders (chairman of the Senate) had to tell Mullin to sit down after the Oklahoma Senator challenged O’Brien to a fight. Things appeared to escalate when Mullin stood up and attempted to remove his ring.

“This is a hearing, and God knows the American people have enough contempt for Congress, let’s not make it worse,” Sanders

While that may have been the case, the pair never came to blows. Instead, both men directed verbal shots at each other as Sanders attempted to diffuse the situation by banging his gavel repeatedly. Mullin responded by stating that the pair should fight each other for a charity event. O’Brien declined the offer, suggesting that they work out their differences cordially, but not before he had directed his own insults at the Senator.

“You challenged me to a cage match, acting like a twelve year old schoolyard bully,” O’Brien


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