Seniesa Estrada Beats Leonela Yudica To Remain The Unified Champion

Seniesa Estrada overcame Leonela Yudica via a unanimous decision to keep her WBC and WBA minimum-weight belts.

Estrada was the more skilful fighter, as her switch from orthodox to southpaw allowed her to land on the former world champion frequently.

While that may have been the case, Estrada did leave herself open somewhat. Yudica’s longer reach enabled her to counter Estrada, using her left hooks and straight jabs.

Estrada’s attempt at closing the gap left her open to getting hit in a high-risk strategy. And given that the momentum started to change, Estrada increased her work rate in the latter rounds.

The increased output took Estrada to victory, as she remained the unified champion on the scorecards: 97-93, 97-93 and 97-93. Victory for Estrada puts her on course for an undisputed showdown with Yokasta Valle.


“I knew coming into this fight that she was a boxer who would move away from me and not come forward much. I knew I had to show something different.

“In my last fight, I fought a good champion who came forward and was aggressive, and I easily outboxed her. In this fight, she’s a boxer and a mover, and I showed that I can fight any type of style because my style is very versatile. “I definitely had to use my footwork.

“I had to use my feints and movements to make sure I was close enough to land punches and not get countered. I did get countered, of course.

“It’s a fight, so that’s going to happen. But I just continue to prove that I’m the best in the division. “I want Yokasta Valle. I’m the best in this division. I want to prove it by beating her. She can just hand me those belts right now because when we fight it’s going to be bad for her,” Estrada


“I do not agree at all with the scorecards. I am convinced that nobody has hit her like I have hit her. If not, she can take off her hat and show how her face has been left. I did a very good job.

“As I’ve said, nobody has hit her like I have hit her. I came here to fight a world champion. I knew who I was facing. I trained thoroughly. I planted my feet when I needed to. I exchanged when I needed to. It was a good fight, and I didn’t deserve this result,” Yudica

Full Results

Seniesa Estrada def. Leonela Yudica via a unanimous decision: 97-93, 97-93, 97-93

Andres Cortes def. Xavier Martinez via a seventh-round TKO

Abraham Nova def. Jonathan Romero via a third-round KO

Rohan Polanco def. Cesar Francis via a fourth-round KO

Nahir Albright def. Carlos Balderas via a majority decision: 77-75, 77-75, 76-76

Charlie Sheehy def. Kaylyn Alfred via a third-round TKO

Subaru Murata def. Juan Centeno in the third-round as Centro retired

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