Sergey Kovalev Toughening Up For Cruiserweight Debut

Sergey Kovalev (34-4, 29 KOs) will lock horns against Tervel Pulev (16-0, 13 KOs) on May 14. This will be the cruiserweight debut of the Russian, who currently lives in Long Beach, CA.

Kovalev’s trainer is Buddy McGirt, whereas his strength and conditioning is visualized by Teddy Cruz. These are the two names who revolutionized Arturo Gatti. It remains to be seen whether they maximize the potential of “The Krusher.”

“Buddy was a great professional and a real smart boxing trainer. It is not necessary that a good boxer will always be a good coach or a good friend. However, Buddy ticks both of the boxes i.e. good coach and a good boxer,” Kovalev said.

“He does everything that is required for me to prepare for a particular fight. He gives me strength, technique, and energy. We are a unit that is working towards another important world title. This time, it is the cruiserweight division and a potential fourth title,” Kovalev added.

During the eight-week training camp, the Russian is living in a hotel next to the park, where he is running and taking part in the boxing gym. His boxing gym is around 20 minutes from Van Nuys.

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