Shakur Stevenson Calls Out Gervonta Davis – ‘Come Shut Me Up, I’m Ready’

Shakur Stevenson has made it clear that he is looking to fight Gervonta Davis.

Stevenson arrived in the 135-lb division with a dominant performance against Shuichiro Yoshino with a sixth-round knockout.

In contrast, Davis is coming off the biggest victory of his career with a seventh-round TKO win over Ryan Garcia.

The win made Davis the ‘face of boxing, ‘ giving Tank all the leverage that comes with being the so-called A-side.

While that may be the case, Stevenson, who has an unbeaten record of 20 wins, including 10 KOs, has expressed his willingness to fight Davis.

However, he acknowledged that Davis might not be interested, given that it is a high-risk, low-reward, fight.

“He won’t even say my name. Let him come shut me up. Let’s see,” Stevenson 

Aside from that, there are other factors which may hinder a fight. Stevenson is with Top Rank, while Davis is associated with the PBC.

Not only that, but Davis is in a position to choose the fights he wants, given his status as the ‘cash cow’ in the division. Regardless, Stevenson has put Davis on notice. 

“I’m ready right now, I’m ready right now (to fight Davis). But I think it’s depending on what he wants to do. He’s the cash cow, he’s the A-side.

“He can pick and choose right now. He’s at that point. He’s like at the Floyd Mayweather point where he can go, ‘I’ll fight him, I’ll fight him, but I’ll wait to fight him.

“He’s got that type of leverage right now so it’s all up to him. Nothing but respect to what he just did, I respect it,” Stevenson

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