Shakur Stevenson Expects Artem Harutyunyan To Fight On The Back Foot

Shakur Stevenson expects Artem Harutyunyan to run in the ring when they face off on July 6.

Stevenson was accused of doing the same thing when he boxed Edwin De Los Santos to win the vacant WBC Lightweight Title. Shakur received huge boos, boxing off the back foot, before revealing he injured his hand entering into the fight.
Shakur’s commercial value dropped even further.

As he enters the ring in his last fight with Top Rank, Stevenson will want to make an impression. Shakur may decide to box on the front foot now that he is healthy to grab the attention of competing promoters. Artem is no pushover, however. His last fight may have been a loss to Frank Martin, but the German pushed him close. Artem was outboxing Martin for most of the fight before late resurgence from the American meant the German took a knee in the final round. That was enough for Martin to win a decision. Stevenson, however, wants it to be a decisive win.

“It depends on how tough he is and how much punishment he can take. I know he’s going to start running, and then I got to cut the ring. This dude is a good fighter. I think a lot of the public don’t know him. So they think how good he is. Right now, I think the mode that I’m in and what I’ve got going on in my brain, I want to come in and put punishment on him. It may start out as a boxing match, and then I may start beating the…out of him. Understand, we’re going the job done by any means. In round six or seven, he’s going to start moving all around. I’ve got to cut the ring off a little bit,” Shakur said


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