Shakur Stevenson Explains How Prince Helped Him Make Correct Financial Decision

Shakur Stevenson has opened up about how his manager and music executive, James Prince, has been a mentor for the young boxer who did not know how to make wise financial decisions at the beginning of his pro career.

Stevenson, 24, just became the two-division champ last Saturday, beating 35-year-old Jamel Herring.

In a recent interview, Stevenson revealed how he was looking to splash the cash he earned after defeating Jeremiah Nakathila when his 24th birthday was just around the corner.

“I wanted to go buy another chain. But I didn’t have a house yet. I didn’t have any of that set, so he sat me down and pointed me in the direction of getting a house,” the champ said of Prince.

“That’s more important than going out here to buy a couple of chains and jewelry and watches. It feels good to have my own spot that I can come to, I live at and I feel secure. He definitely guided me in the right direction.”

Stevenson feels grateful for having Prince on his team, who helped him become a homeowner instead of wasting his fight purses on chains and jewelry.

Stevenson and Prince met each other through a mutual friend when he was just an amateur. They bonded right away and played a pool game against each other.

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