Shakur Stevenson Refuses To Underestimate Artem Harutyunyan

Shakur Stevenson is refusing to look past Artem Harutyunyan when they face off on July 6.

Stevenson fights in his hometown from the Prudential Center, Newark. It is his final fight under his Top Rank contract, leaving him free to talk to other promoters. The build-up has been fairly cordial, as Artem arrived at the presser in a full suit and with a huge smile.

He is the underdog, knowing a win gets him his first world title. He will take confidence from his last fight, as he pushed Frank Martin all the way. He was winning the fight, only to take a knee in the final round, which gave Martin the decision. There is pressure on Shakur to defy the pre-narrative that he is a boring fighter. Even Artem claimed Shakur’s fans wanted him to lose due to his unappealing style.

“It was fun for me, but I got every answer for every question. Even Shakur’s fans want to see him lose, and they say he’s a boring fighter, always running away,” said Harutyunyan said

Stevenson knows he cannot overlook his opponent.

“I’m not falling for that. You’re trying to act real humble and butter me up and act like you’re not really coming here to win. No, you’re coming here to win, bro. I already know. He doesn’t sound as confident as I thought he would sound. Hopefully, he’s coming to fight. I’m going to take him to a level he’s never been on. I’m just going to be myself. I’m going to come out and show my talent and show my levels. I think I’m one of the best in the sport of boxing at hit and don’t get hit,” Stevenson stated

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