Shakur Stevenson Responds To Ryan Garcia’s Criticism – ‘Can U Beat Me Or Not?’

WBC Lightweight Champion Shakur Stevenson has hit out at Ryan Garcia’s recent criticism.

Garcia addressed his upcoming fight with Devin Haney, during which he was asked about Shakur’s skills. Ryan labelled Shakur as ordinary, saying ‘nothing’ stood out regarding his skills. He also felt Haney was a more entertaining fighter, downplaying Stevenson’s achievements as a three-weight world champion.

“He’s a good boxer, but it’s nothing that stands out to me. Okay, you know how to move, but it’s nothing like Tank or me or Canelo. I’ve been watching boxers my whole life. I know ones that are different. He’s not different. [Devin’s] more entertaining than Shakur. I don’t say he’s better. I think his fights are more entertaining,” Garcia said 

Stevenson’s commercial value has dropped since his win over Edwin De Los Santos. Despite winning the WBC Lightweight Title, his defensive performance was heavily criticized. Shakur was booed during and after the fight, even with a hand injury he had coming into the bout. But Shakur challenged Garcia to test himself against him and back up his words.

“Lol if this ain’t the most scariest s**t I done heard.. Can u beat me or not? everything else is irrelevant Scary Ryan – And that’s why u would give everyone else a opportunity besides me,” Shakur replied


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