Shakur Stevenson Vs. Edwin De Los Santos Officially Confirmed For November 16th

Shakur Stevenson will officially fight Edwin De Los Santos for the vacant WBC lightweight title on November 16th, 2023. 

The fight came after Stevenson worked himself into a mandatory position, following his win over Shuichiro Yoshino. Thereafter, Devin Haney moved up to 140 as the WBC stripped the fighter and made him a ‘champion in recess.’ As such, Stevenson was required to fight the next-highest-ranked contender. He was on course to face Frank Martin, only for the latter to pull out. Stevenson confirmed that Martin’s demands for a 50-50 split caused the fight to break down.

In response, De Los Santos stepped in. The former has only lost once in his career, which came at the hands of William Foster III. Thereafter, De Los Santos knocked out Luis Acosta and Jose Valenzuela. His last fight was a win over Joseph Adorno, which has now put him in line for his first world title shot.


“Edwin De Los Santos is a good fighter and he’s going to come to fight. I give him credit for actually taking this fight when so many other so-called ‘fighters’ ran from it. I’m the biggest boogeyman in boxing, and on November 16, the world will see why when I put on another great performance for the fans. Come out to T-Mobile Arena or tune in to ESPN and watch me become a three-division world champion,” Stevenson 

“I want to thank Top Rank, the WBC, ESPN and my promoter, Sampson Lewkowicz, for this opportunity to put on a great fight and win my first world championship. I am a proud Dominican warrior who fights for my people! Shakira, I’m going to kick your ass,” De Los Santos

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