Shawn Porter: Keith Thurman On Verge of Becoming Gatekeeper

The welterweight who was once considered a genuine title contender and admired by most boxing fanatics isn’t loved the same way anymore.

Keith Thurman was last seen in action against Mario Barrios in February at Michelob Ultra Arena, Las Vegas. Thurman notched up an easy win as he managed to suffocate Barrios during the whole fight and clinch the victory at the night’s end.

But the former WBC welterweight titlist, Shawn Porter isn’t liking Thurman’s approach of staying inactive and feels like he is on the verge of becoming another gatekeeper in the division.

“Keith put himself in that position,” said Porter to Fight Hub TV. “I don’t think he put himself in that position on purpose.”

“I said, ‘Keith, get back in the ring asap. It doesn’t matter who you get in the ring with. Get back in the ring asap.’ Okay, you don’t want to be a gatekeeper. Take on someone that is on the same level that you just fought with [Mario] Barrios, dominate that dude, say I’m ready for the big time.”

“You can’t stay away for so long and expect people to still have that same respect for you. So it’s kind of is what it is. Do I think he’s a gatekeeper? No. Do I think he’s on the verge of becoming a gatekeeper? Yes, because of his inactivity,” added Porter.

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