Shawn Porter Reveals His Plan To Hand Terence Crawford Career’s First Loss

Shawn Porter said he knows what to do on November 20.

Porter, who’s set to challenge WBO welterweight champ Terence Crawford, believes he will ace the fight with a KO win when the two boxers meet at the Michelob Ulta Arena in Paradise in Las Vegas.

“I’m prepared to throw all the heat necessary to get this guy out of there,” Porter said. “The mechanics can make the difference in certain situations. I’m flat out trying to knock this dude out.”

Crawford has 37 wins under his belt and is yet to be beaten. Porter has, however, been overwhelmed thrice in his career. But this doesn’t take away the fact that Porter is perhaps the toughest fighter Crawford is preparing to share the ring with.

So far, Crawford has been steamrolling past his opponents and has been on the look for someone who can push him to the limits.

Both boxers are brimming with confidence before the title fight, but they’re well aware of the weapons they possess.

In a recent interview, the WBO titlist said that he wants to grab a win against Porter to shut down the critics who are claiming he is not lethal as a welterweight.

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