Shawn Porter Spars Gervonta Davis To Prepare For Welterweight Showdown Vs. Terence Crawford

Shawn Porter has included Gervonta Davis in his list of sparring partners to prepare for his November 20 fight against WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford.

Porter’s father and trainer, Kenny Porter, has explained how sparring sessions are conducted and how finding a boxer whose style resembles the most to Crawford’s can be difficult.

“I mean it’s just like any other sparring session,” Kenny said. “It’s a high level sparring session for us but we have to make sure everybody’s safe…(Davis) is a southpaw, he’s got speed and power, you need that, but just like we can’t find a Terence Crawford, he can’t find a Shawn Porter to spar with.”

“For those out there who think there’s a big weight class difference or whatever, we’re low in weight, he’s high in weight — it’s not like Shawn’s gonna be so much bigger than him.”

Shawn and his team traveled to a gym situated at 9,200 feet from ground level so that the former champ can work on his conditioning before the big fight.

“Other than that, our conditioning level and everything we’ve had has been good, it’s been great, but we came up here to raise it to another level,” his father explained.

Porter has already wrapped up his sparring sessions with Caleb Plant, Dennis Doughlin and Andre Dirrell.

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