Shevchenko Defends Cachoeira’s Team

Following all that emerged from Valentina Shevchenko’s unstoppable performance against Priscila Cachoeria, the one dangling thread is why Cachoeria’s coaches did not stop the fight before she was submitted by Shevchenko.

On the MMA Hour this week, Shevchenko completely understood why Cachoeira would defend her coaches, claiming they let her fight her fight. “It’s all about the team, and the fighter and her team,” Shevchenko said Monday on The MMA Hour.

“[Throwing in the towel] is not what I was thinking, because if I see from my point of view, I will fight until the end. I will fight until the end. If my corner would be saying, ‘We’ll throw the towel,’ I would say, ‘No, no, I don’t want (that).’ Because I think this is the nature of the fighter, because he or she, we want to leave from us everything (in the cage) until the very, very end point.”


Shevchenko held back the other target of criticism, referee Mario Yamasaki, claiming the referee was inthere doing his job, and so was her opponent/

“When I am inside of the Octagon, I go there and I will not stop before someone stops me. And (if) I feel that I have to continue, I will continue with all my power,” Shevchenko said. “And of course I was feeling that this is a moment, it will end soon. And when Mario, for Priscila, he said, ‘If you do not move, I will stop the fight’ — in this moment, she started trying to escape and do everything.

“Before the last minute, the last second, she was trying to escape, and it doesn’t matter — she was receiving (punches) hard but she was trying to do something. And that moment, I was thinking, okay, if it’s not stopped with just punching, then I went for the submission and I just continued, because in my mind, like a fighter, I have to do everything to finish my fight.”

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