Shields Accuses Cyborg Of Ducking A Saudi Boxing Match

Claressa Shields says Cris Cyborg betrayed her after turning down a boxing match in Saudi Arabia. 

The duo were on good terms during the early parts of their careers. They were ex-sparring partners who are currently with the PFL. Shields signed after becoming a two-weight undisputed champion in boxing at 154 and 160. She made her PFL debut on the PFL vs. Bellator: Champs card, beating Kelsey DeSantis

Cyborg joined the PFL after they acquired Bellator. She has yet to make her debut but is expected to fight Larissa Pacheco. Cyborg is the only Grand Slam Champion in MMA, having won titles in Strikeforce, Invicta FC, UFC, and Bellator. Since she cannot get an MMA fight, she has been boxing.

Cris knocked out Aria Wild in the second round to improve her boxing record to 4-0. After her win, she was open to facing Shields if the money was right. But Shields has now said Cyborg rejected a boxing fight from the Saudis, but the two have given a different narrative. 

“People from Saudi reached out to me about having money for me and her to have a boxing match. They were considering it to be like a Tyson Fury vs. [Francis] Ngannou [match], right? I called her up and was like, ‘Hey. This is what we got,’ because we were friends. I let her know the money’s on the table. I gave her the weight class, 154. That’s the lowest that I’ve fought at in boxing and then I thought me and Cris were good and I gave her the guy’s number, her and her team talked to the guy, and then all of the sudden the guy’s calling like, ‘Cris doesn’t want to fight. She said she wants to fight you at 147 or at 145,” Shields

“They contacted my team but the money was not right, and the weight was not right. She’s getting heavier and heavier and heavier. So, if you really want the real competition, I think she should go cut weight and you see her and how heavy she’s going. If this fight happens between me and her, it’s probably going to be 147. Maybe it can be 154, but the way it’s going, she’s getting heavier and heavier. I don’t think she’s wanting the fight,” Cyborg


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