Shields Fires Back At Rolly Romero For Seeking Spotlight In Sparring Knockout Controversy

Claressa Shields called out Rolly Romero following his response towards a sparring clip showing her being dropped by a male boxer. 

The following clip shows a sparring session in 2018 against Arturs Ahmetovs. The footage shows Shields being sent to the canvas with a left hook. The undisputed middleweight champion accused Ahmetovs and his coach, Derik Santos, of glove tampering. 

“I have no problem getting caught in sparring. It happens. I spar the majority of Men! But this dude Arthur and his coach Derrick Santos were embarrassed [when we sparred earlier in the week]. The next time we sparred, he purposely wore gloves with no little to no padding.

“I can’t make this up. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never been KO’d in seventeen years, and I’ve been dropped twice [by Ahmetovs] all in a week of each other. I have no shame in that. But for a male fighter to literally take the padding out his gloves, he’s a punk. Him and coach Derik Santos are bad for the sport,” Shields said

Derrick Santos denied the allegations. The claims could damage his and Ahmetovs’ careers since boxers may avoid sparring them in a sport where fighters have suffered from life-threatening injuries.

“No one took padding out of the gloves. After she was accusing of this, the gloves were handed to her coach. But more importantly she sparred 2 rounds prior where […] Artur was instructed not to hit her hard, while he was working with her she started talking mad s*** at him and fouling him to [the] point she tripped him. In the break he said what […] is going on here, we are trying to help she is a women [sic]. What was replied was ‘well punch her back, she is a big girl, multi time champ,” Derik Santos stated 

The WBA champ Romero was not pleased by the clip. He reportedly sent Shields a message via Instagram before criticising Ahmetovs, the fighter he had previously knocked out. 

“I’m happy I KO’d this mf. He shouldn’t be putting his hands on women like that,” Romero said 

Romero has removed those remarks. His comments did not appear derogatory towards the fighter, but Shields allegedly felt Romero was using it for attention. In response, Shields had this to say.

“This an insult for real. Rolly may have two balls, but that doesn’t mean he can win a fight against me. Man, [Rolly], you ain’t defending me. Your weak a** is going to come to my inbox! Your [not] strong, non-boxing skill-having a**. You wish I were a hater of you. I don’t give a damn about you. You are on the GWOAT hit list,” Shields revealed 


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