Silva: I Had To Cut 27 Pounds In A Day During TUF Brazil 4

In this age of modern MMA where weight cutting has become a hot button topic, UFC lightweight Joaquim Silva revealed a startling amount of weight he had to cut during his days in The Ultimate Fighter Brazil.

Silva spoke to MMA Fighting and said competing on TUF Brazil was a huge opportunity for him, but also revealed he also that he had to cut 27 pounds in one day. Silva said he was most comfortable fighting at welterweight because he didn’t have to cut as much weight making the 170-pound limit as he did at lightweight.

Since the show was filmed in roughly six weeks and the season would be contested in the lightweight division (155 pounds), Silva had to cut weight multiple times in a short period of time, including the aforementioned 27 pounds in one day.

”I felt a huge stress,” Silva said. “My body wasn’t functioning right the last time I cut weight. I had to cut 27 pounds in one day and my body felt it. Everybody was kind of stressed with the routine in the last days, having to fight all the time, but I only have good memories of the show. If I could go through that all over again, I would do it with a smile on the face.”

Silva advanced all the way to the semifinals before Glaico Franca submitted him in their fight. Silva offered to be a part of the TUF Redemption season in 2017, which was a welterweight tournament, but never got the chance to.

Although Silva wasn’t the final victor in his first TUF run, Silva did get a UFC contract, where he has been fighting since then. Silva has fought four times since his official debut at UFC 191 in 2015 and has won three of his four bouts.

Original Story: MMA Fighting

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