Since Benn May Not Be Allowed To Fight In UK, Hearn Is Looking For Alternatives

Eddie Hearn has set his sights on having Chris Eubank Jr. and Conor Benn face each other in the Middle East if a fight cannot be made in the UK.

According to reports, a fight on December 23rd, 2023, is being targeted. However, there are question marks over whether it will go ahead in the UK. The boxers had been on course to fight each other, only for the bout to be called off after Benn’s two positive VADA tests for Clomiphene. Since then, Benn has been in a legal battle with UKAD and the BBBofC after his suspension. Despite the National Anti-Doping Agency removing Benn’s suspension, UKAD and the BBBofC appealed it. As of now, Benn is allowed to box, as long as it is outside of the UK. The boxer recently returned to beat Rodolfo Orozco via a unanimous decision in the US. However, Hearn was intent on having the fight in the UK.

“The fight is so much bigger than before for many reasons. Firstly, when Eubank got beat by [Liam] Smith, I feel like the [Benn vs. Eubank Jr.] fight got a little bit smaller, but when he won the rematch, the fight became bigger. The controversy, the people talking about Conor, the opinion, the love, the hate, whatever it could be. The things that Eubank has said, Conor has taken it really badly and personally, and so has Nigel.

“So, you see, the first fight, it was Eubank-Benn, it was the rivalry. Both guys, they knew about the history, they knew about the family rivalry, but they never really disliked each other. Now, with all the noise, with all the names, with all the history comes hatred, and that makes the fight so much bigger,” Hearn said

The success of the fight happening does depend largely on it happening in the UK. Outside of the UK, the fight will not garner a lot of interest since both fighters are not huge names overseas. So moving forward, Benn will have to clear himself fully if the fight is to land in the UK. But as of now, there is still some way to go.

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