Social Media Reacts As DAZN Increases Its Prices – ‘Poorly Thought Out’

DAZN will not be winning over any new fans if the current price point is anything to go by. 

Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn sought to shake up the industry, infamously declaring that pay-per-view was ‘dead.’ Fast Forward to today, not only is pay-per-view still going, but DAZN has decided to adopt the model too. 

That is one thing, but a price increase in the subscription model has raised many eyebrows. Since the start, DAZN has been making large increases in their yearly discounted subscription program. 

It has gone from a $99 yearly subscription (for those previously paying this amount) to a $149.99 yearly package, and now, US subscribers will have to pay an astounding $224.99 a year.

This is in addition to any pay-per-view events. Subscribers have the option to pay a fixed fee of $19.99 per month if they agree to a one-year contract or $24.99 monthly if they choose not to commit to an annual plan.

Getting fans to adopt DAZN as the mecca of boxing will prove tricky, unless big names sign exclusively to the network.

Unlike other platforms, such as ESPN+, which offer an array of sports, DAZN is focusing heavily on the boxing scene, as shown through its support for the ‘misfits’ boxing. 

But given the current climate where fans want value for money, there are potentially more economically viable options out there. And this was reflected in the comments that followed on social media. 

Social Media Reaction

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