Sonnen: Everything Hurts After Fedor Loss

Chael Sonnen was still feeling the effects of his first round loss to Fedor Emelianenko at Bellator 208, and is grateful for one thing, keeping all his teeth.

“Physically, everything hurts,” said Sonnen on The MMA Hour. “[Emelianenko] hit me with a missile about five-seconds in. That one still hurts a little bit. But other than that, I am doing well…My teeth are okay. If I had one wish going into a fight, aside from serious injury, it’s that I won’t lose a tooth. I had that same wish since I started this when I was 19 years old. But, yes they are all intact.

“Emotionally, I get heartbroken about these things. From a competitive standpoint, I have dedicated my whole life to this since I was nine years old and I would have started earlier if my dad would have let me. He wouldn’t let me start until I was nine. It hurts. It hurts really bad that you don’t get those moments back.”

“I’ve had these feelings before,” said Sonnen on losing major main event fights. “I am convinced, in my interpretation, this is what it means to be a fighter. Somewhere over time that word became corrupted. It became about the punches and the kicks. But I’ve always believed it’s feeling like I’m feeling right now and getting out of bed anyway and facing the media and getting back on it. So now I have to be a fighter. I prefer to be a winner, I prefer to be on top of the world and looking down on everybody els. But today I’ve got to fight.”

“I’ve fought 49 guys, well I guess 50 counting Fedor, and I’ve never been out-struck,” said Sonnen. “Not one single time have I lost the stand up part of a fight. I can’t say that anymore. This is first stand up I’ve ever lost. I didn’t think he was fast enough to catch me. I thought I’d be too quick. So I was going across and distract him with some punches and get into a clinch or get into a double leg and make it a wrestling match. I wanted to have my hands on him at all times. I was ready for some of those Sambo throws, I was ready for them to go against me, I was ready for him to succeed with those throws and have to scramble on the mat.

“It wasn’t like a real sophisticated game plan as much as it was just pressure-based. I just wanted to fight him. I wanted to be on him and wanted him to have to respond. But I also thought I could take his shots. I still didn’t see those punches. They were so fast and I was so impressed. In spite of hanging my head here today, I have to give him his credit. He earned it. I’ve got to credit his speed and his power, they were very difficult for me.”

Sonnen thought being a natural light heavyweight would have been a key to victory over Emelianenko, due to his ability to move more cleanly and utilize his full skill set.

“(Emelianenko) is hitting these guys but these guys are heavy bags,” said Sonnen. “These guys aren’t bouncing, these guys aren’t moving, these guys aren’t offering a threat of a takedown or an accuracy of a takedown. I just thought ‘I am going to be able to deal with this. It doesn’t matter that it’s at heavyweight. I am smart enough and I’m athletic enough to be able to deal with this.’

“I just wish I had more minutes. Anytime you get stopped, that’s my usually biggest wish. Even in front of getting my hand raised, just more opportunity to try and more minutes to see if I could explore some things or find some success. But yeah, he hit like a heavyweight.”

Sonnen is unsure of what’s next, but is hoping that the next time his phone rings it’ll be a fight at light heavyweight.

“When I get a phone call and they have an idea, I say yes,” said Sonnen. “But ideally, I liked to go back to light heavyweight. I had a really hard time in both of my heavyweights getting to some of the positions I wanted to be in. So I think physically, it’s a little better for me at light heavyweight.”


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