Spence Believes His ‘Determination’ Will Be Too Much For Crawford

Errol Spence Jr. has backed his determination to be a decisive factor in giving him a win over Terence Crawford

The duo face each other on July 29th, 2023, for the undisputed welterweight championship as the winner will become the first one of the four-belt era.

The fight has been dubbed as a ‘50-50,’ although Crawford is a slight favorite with the bookies.

Both fighters have never been stopped nor defeated, which is why one fighter will have to deal with the unknown.

Spence’s ability to break down fighters will go up against Crawford, who has stopped all of his opponents at welterweight.

But for all the different outcomes that could emerge, Spence highlighted his dogged determination as a factor that splits the two. 

“When you go through the fight in your head, a million different scenarios flow through your head. Basically, for me, it’s just winning the fight and dictating my jab and, you know, sometimes range, in and out, and just different types of scenarios because I know he’s a great fighter.” 

“So it has to be different scenarios and in different moves that are going to happen in the fight. I believe my determination,” Spence

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