Foreman Feels Spence Can Beat Crawford In Rematch, Bomac Wants Bud To Face Charlo

George Foreman can see Errol Spence Jr. beating Terence Crawford in a rematch. 

Crawford outclassed the ‘Truth’ with a ninth-round stoppage after knocking him down three times.

The comprehensive manner of the defeat has raised questions over whether there should be a rematch.

However, the terms of the first fight allowed the loser to activate the rematch, as the winner would decide the weight class. 

With that being said, Spence indicated his willingness to fight at 154, something which Crawford was open to.

And if the rematch were to go ahead, Foreman did give Spence a chance of winning. 

“No doubt about it [Spence can win]. You go back to the drawing board. Pick out some of the rounds where he did well. When he stayed close to the guy, he did well, but when he stayed out boxing, he got clocked. He could become better. Spence is a good fighter. He’s got a good jab. He just couldn’t get his combinations going on a counterpuncher,” Foreman

The rematch could throw up a new dynamic. Can Crawford replicate his success at 154 and was 147 simply too much of a weight cut for Spence? A rematch, therefore, would answer those questions once and for all. 

Crawford Vs. Charlo

Outside of Spence, Crawford’s trainer, Brian McIntyre, has set his sights on his fighter facing Jermell Charlo at 154 pounds. 

Following Bud’s spectacular stoppage of Spence, the attention turned towards Crawford’s next move.

Even if a rematch with Spence does materialize, a bout with Jermell Charlo could happen.

During the Spence fight, Crawford could be heard having an exchange with Charlo in the crowd after he dropped Spence in the seventh round.

Crawford could be heard saying the following: “You’re next.” With that being said, ‘Bomac’ was keen on Crawford facing Charlo for the undisputed-junior-middleweight championship. 

“Let’s go up to ‘54, knock off Charlo, see what Charlo got. If he can go up to ‘54 and knock off Charlo, Charlo a little stronger — you see how Bud was twisting that mother*****r (Spence) around. Strong. Catching them punches and delivering like a motherfucker.

“I need somebody to bring the best ‘Bud’ Crawford out of him. He probably can. He probably can for two reasons: 1) he’s been at ‘54 all of his career; and 2) he’s mad.

“So it’s just real simple. Stay calm, stay cool, stay collected, and let’s pick this b***h apart together,” Bomac 

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