Spence Downplays Crawford’s Switch-Hitting Ability – ‘I Don’t Really Care’

Errol Spence Jr. has downplayed Terence Crawford’s switch-hitting ability as the ‘Truth’ prepares for his upcoming undisputed welterweight bout.  

The narrative running into the fight is that Crawford’s ability to switch between orthodox and southpaw could negate Spence’s ability to walk down the WBO champion and reduce his volume output.

While that may be the case, Spence did not appear too fazed about it. The ‘Truth’ admitted that he was not paying too much attention by focusing on his own fundamentals and preparation, which included dealing with southpaws. 

“I don’t really care to be honest. I done sparred southpaws, orthodox, people that switch and things like that so I’m not really concerned with that. I just have to stay focused and realize when he switches back and forth,” Spence

Nevertheless, Crawford is no ordinary fighter. Now that ‘Bud’ has had time to stay at the weight class, the welterweight has shown that he is able to carry his power through to 147.

This has been demonstrated by Crawford’s results. The boxer has stopped all of his opponents at welterweight.

As such, the sentiment on social media was mixed with the boxing community divided over how the fight could go. 

Social Media Reaction

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