Spence Expects Crawford To Be Ready From Round One

Errol Spence Jr. has revealed that he expects Terence Crawford to start fast in their upcoming welterweight clash.

The duo will face off in the biggest fight of their career on July 29th, 2023, for the undisputed welterweight championship of the world.

Both fighters are undefeated as they enter the ring with contrasting styles. Spence’s high-pressure volume punching will face off against the slicker boxer, Crawford, whose switch-hitting is seen as a critical weapon to negate Spence’s arsenal. 

And such, Spence recognised that he could not be too reckless. The ‘Truth’ expects his opponent to have a fast start and was prepared for what will come his way, knowing that Crawford would up his game. 

“I see him coming out coming out of probably a bit more assertive than he usually is just because everybody is saying that.

“So I think he’ll come out a bit more assertive than he usually do. I’m not naive. I know everybody’s saying it.

“He’s hearing it, and his coaches are hearing it. So they basically want to try to change stuff up and do something different, but yeah, I see him coming out a little faster,” Spence

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