Spence Released From Hospital, Charged With DUI

Errol Spence may feel blessed that he broke no bones in the horrific car wreck he was in last week, but the road to recovery has a new bump in the road.

Spence, current unified welterweight champion of the world, had his life and career put on hold last week after he flipped his sports car numerous times after crashing into a median near his home in Dallas, Texas.

Following hospitalization for his numerous injuries, Spence now must face the legal ramifications of his accident, as he’s been charged with driving under the influence.

“Errol Spence Jr. was charged with DWI, misdemeanor B,” Sgt. Warren Mitchell, spokesperson for the Dallas PD said in a statement to Boxing Scene on Wednesday.

“Mr. Spence has been released from the hospital and will need to address those charges.”

Spence will most likely avoid any jail time for the incident, that saw him speed into a center median and was sent flying from his Ferrari because he was not wearing a seat belt.

“As for getting a speed of the vehicle, we will not be getting one,” noted Warren. “It was a single car accident with no other criminal charges.

“Therefore, no reason to get a warrant to pull the CDR (Black box) of the vehicle.”

Aside from this being the first offense for Spence, the filing of a Class B misdemeanor charge also means that his Blood Alcohol Level was below 0.15, which will keep him out of prison. If found guilty, Spence will face a potential $2,000 fine and his driver’s license suspended between three months and a full year.

Report: Boxing Scene

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